Grow and shrink with NetApp volume autosize

You want to use volume autosize to grow and shrink a volume?
First to the grow part. This works as it should if you have modified the following options per volume:

-autosize-increment (has a default value)
-autosize-grow-threshold-percent (has a default value)
-autosize-mode (set to grow at least – should be default)
-autosize (set to on)
-max-autosize (has a default value – 120% of the volume)

The shrink part is a bit trickier and includes these options per volume:

-autosize-increment (has a default value)
-autosize-shrink-threshold-percent (has a default value – 50%)
-autosize-mode (set to grow-shrink)
-autosize (set to on)
-min-autosize (has a default value – the initial size)

If you want to shrink the volume with autosize beware of the following:
– Adjust the min-autosize if necessary
– Shrink the “files” parameter if the autosize has the following events in “event log show” and the volume does not shrink to the minimum specified

4/3/2017 10:02:20   node01 INFORMATIONAL wafl.vol.autoSize.done: Volume Autosize: Automatic shrink of volume ‘volume1@vserver:596d33d2-88d9-33e0-9092-90383kde9229’ by 295GB complete.
4/3/2017 10:02:20   node01 NOTICE        wafl.vol.autoSize.shrink.cap: Volume Autosize: Volume ‘volume1@vserver:596d33d2-88d9-33e0-9092-90383kde9229’ could not be auto shrunk below 44.9GB to recover space.

– The “files” parameter can be modified with

volume modify -vserver SVM1 -volume volume1 -files FILECOUNT

– Attention: The “files” parameter does grow but not shrink

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